About Us

About Us

MW Logistics is one of the nation’s fastest growing, non-asset based 3PL with over 15 years of customer-centered solutions delivered on every day. Founded in 2001, MW Logistics designs transportation solutions using the industries brightest people, top industry-tested processes and most innovative technologies.

Our philosophy is simple, Delivered.Period. This customer friendly philosophy permeates our entire organization and motivates every decision. Whether you are our customer or our partner carrier, we deliver on our commitments. Period.

Our Mission

As a non-asset based 3PL we are propelled by designing solutions to enhance your efficiency as a shipper or as a partner carrier. MW Logistics President Randy Bowman says, “We want to do the things that help our customers earn their bonus, raise and promotions. If we can do that then we are adding value.”

Our mission simplified:

For Shippers: Delivered.Period

Your customers demand the best from you and, you in return demand the best from us. Company C.O.O. Jared Taylor emphatically says, “Without great customer service we’re just like everyone else. We aren’t everyone else. We have to deliver. Period.” Service is at the center of MWL and keeping our commitments is our business.

For Carriers: Delivered.Period

Our carriers are also our customers. If you are successful then we are successful. We understand transportation and we know that velocity is key to maintaining profitability. We work with our customers to offer carrier friendly freight that you can count on to build a successful business around. We pay fast and on-time with a great reputation in paying fairly.

Marten Transport - A Partner You Can Count On

MW Logistics is 45% owned by Transport Topics #47 Top 100 For Hire trucking companies. Why is this partnership important? We aren’t just any broker and we return back to the market for investment in the assets that are vitally important. Every dollar in part spent with MW Logistics goes to Marten Transport to hire more vitally important drivers, reinvest in more equipment and add capacity to the market. Do your other brokers do the same?