In a word: Efficiency

Our customers choose MWL because our unique business model facilitates operational efficiency and creates procurement efficiency. Our model is truly different than other transportation/logistics providers. Our transportation solutions team has the industry expertise needed to solve your most important projects. We set ourselves apart by having the best people, the most efficient processes and leading technology. Contact us today to understand how we can help.

What Differentiates MWL from Brokerages & Other Logistics Companies?

Its “Asset-Based Platform”.

Unlike brokerages and other logistics companies, MWL operates on an Asset-Based Platform. What does that mean? It means that MWL’s capacity in your company’s network is operationally identical to the capacity of an asset-based carrier. Like asset-based carriers, MWL drops trailers, and utilizes the same pool of equipment and drivers to move your loads. You award loads to MWL, “and–unlike” with brokerages and other logistics companies–we begin placing the required number of trailers in your trailer pool. Ultimately, MWL, from an operational and procurement perspective (unlike brokerages and other logistics companies)…

  • Facilitates operational efficiency at the ship-site’s loading dock (i.e., the product is cross-docked, or comes off your production lines, and goes onto MWL’s drop trailers until ready for pick-up). Our loads never become “staged freight” (sitting on the floor of the ship-site), and thus never create congestion at the dock door while you wait for our truck to show up for a ‘live load’.
  • Increases procurement efficiency (and lowers overall costs) by providing multi-modal capacity on its Asset-Based Platform. This allows our customers to buy more capacity across more modes of transportation from MWL than any competing source. Thus, less time/money is spent on the various aspects of managing multiple carrier relationships. One relationship (MWL) provides access to large quantities of capacity (either drop-trailer or live load, and either over-the-road or intermodal) in the dryvan, temp-controlled, or bulk/tanker modes.
  • Achieves reliability numbers (e.g., on-time percentage, capacity commitment compliance percentage, EDI compliance, etc.) that exceed the customer’s expectations.

Offers a “capacity safety net” for our customers with ‘live load only’ operations. When brokerages and other logistics companies “cannot find a truck”, MWL can grab one off of our Asset-Based Platform (just like an asset-based carrier).