Our Culture

Our Culture

Great companies are built on great cultures and teamwork. Culture is not a buzzword at MW Logistics, instead it is the key driver to making our company great. We have a strict focus on Deliverd.Period and each person we hire learns to be passionate about that core principle. Our team philosophy permeates our actions and each member of our team is trained to take accountability and drive action.

MW Logistics is a metrics driven team and is an exciting place to work for the motivated individual. Jared Taylor, C.O.O and Chief Culture officer quips, “Nobody comes to work to suck.” It’s our job to train each person to perform at a high level. It is the person’s responsibility to be accountable to their success”. MWL takes pride in its fun work environment and commitment to making it a top place to work.

MW Logistics hires passionate and creative people who want to work in a team environment and win. Join our team now.

Our Story

For 15 years MW Logistics has been in business to designing solutions for the industry. Passionate owners, Randy Bowman and Mitchell Ward, have dedicated themselves to building a talented and creative team with the focus on delivering on unique, customer focused solutions. Innovative technology, smart people and service specific processes are at the core to what Randy and Mitchell have built. After 15 years, MW Logistics has a solid industry reputation where innovation happens every day. Because they have built a culture in which innovation and passion can thrive, the MWL team Delivers.Period. And, will help you achieve your most important objectives.

#Delivered. Period

A Team That Gives Back

We are a proud member of the Dallas metro and believe in giving back to our community. Being good team members both in and out of our own organization. MWL is a proud supporter of Dallas Life and has raised thousands of dollars to help their local cause. In addition, individual members of our great team do exception things every day to help our community. Each employee is given, and encouraged to use, a community day where they can volunteer and do service oriented activities around them.